Bed Bug Infestations Increasing in Triangle and US

Bed Bugs Increasing in the Triangle and US

Bed  Bug Infestations becoming more common in Triangle and in the US

If you are a homeowner, or even if you rent a home or apartment here in the Triangle, you have likely had a nightmare or two about finding bed bugs in your home. Unfortunately for many people in the Triangle and around the country, that nightmare is increasingly becoming a reality. Recent studies have shown that bed bugs are becoming more and more common in the US, and the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area is not immune. In an in depth article about this disturbing trend in USA Today, pest control experts weighed in on exactly what is causing this increase in bed bug activity. To summarize the lengthy piece, there a few key factors in the resurgence of bed bugs in the past decade.

  1. People travel more now  – Travel within the United States has become increasingly common in the last decade, and more affordable for many. This means that it is easier than ever to pick up bed bugs on a trip or in a hotel and unknowingly bring them back to your home or apartment. Likewise, a visiting friend could accidentally infest your home and never know it!
  2. Bed bugs may be becoming immune to some pesticides – While bed bugs were incredibly common in the early 1900’s, they virtually disappeared from the 1950’s to the late 1990’s thanks to the widespread introduction of pesticides. However, some speculate that over time they developed resistances to some pesticides. Plus, some of those older effective pesticides have been banned for being too dangerous. These two factors may have contributed to their comeback in the last decade.
  3. Not all pest companies know how to fight bed bugs – Because they were gone for so long, a whole generation of pest control professionals grew up without having to deal with bed bugs often, or at all. For this reason, not all pest control pros have a lot of experience with exterminating bed bugs. If you live in the Triangle or in RDU, make sure you find a local triangle pest control company that knows how to exterminate bed bugs near you should you have an infestation.

Some cities have more trouble with bed bugs than others, check out this list of the top 10 cities with bed bug infestations. Thankfully none are nearby!

  1. Baltimore, Maryland
  2. Washington, DC
  3. Chicago, Illinois
  4. Los Angeles, California
  5. Columbus, Ohio
  6. Cincinnati, Ohio
  7. Detroit Michigan
  8. New York, New York
  9. San Francisco, California
  10. Dallas, Texas

If you live in Baltimore, you better have a local Baltimore pest company on speed dial! Thankfully Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are nowhere to be found on this list. Let’s hope it stays that way! In the meantime, we can all keep an eye out for bed bugs in our homes and avoid traveling to places that have had trouble with bed bugs in the past. Good luck out there!